Coastal and Beach Home Decor

No matter if you’ve spent your life at the beach or just love taking vacations there, the beauty of the ocean can become part of your home decor. With just the right nautical accents, you can transform your living room into a relaxing haven that will bring back memories every time you step inside.

Blue and White Stripes

When designing a room with a nautical theme, blue and white stripes are an easy way to achieve classic aesthetic. Whether you go for an all-over striped rug, slipcover for your upholstery furniture or set of striped pillows, this versatile stripe pattern can make a big statement in your home.

For a breezy seaside aesthetic, pair mid blues with unfussy reclaimed wood furniture and characterful coastal accessories. Finish it off with some zesty orange for some zesty seaside spice – it’s guaranteed to be an easy-to-love look that’s ideal for British summers.

A sunny living room features a white sectional accented with stripes, throw pillows and wicker rug. Large coral photo art adds an eye-catching pop of color against the room’s neutral palette. A round mirror with brown leather strap and delicate starfish ornaments provide subtle references to the ocean.

Basketweave Pendants

Basket weave patterns are a timeless element of coastal decor, commonly seen on pillows, rugs and furniture.

Add a rattan basketweave pendant to your living room or dining area for an instant upgrade in style. These lights can fit seamlessly with any interior design aesthetic, from nautical to bohemian.

Coastal and beach home decor is all in the details. From wall murals to floor tiles, there are endless sea-inspired decorating ideas online you can find.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs are a popular choice in coastal and beach home decor. They come in an array of styles and materials, such as seagrass, jute, and sisal.

The most popular natural fiber rug type is the woven one. This product is constructed with multiple materials woven together for an eye-catching texture and design.

Another type of natural fiber rug is tufted. This product is composed of a net backing and synthetic fibers which are pulled through using either a machine or hand tool.

Jute rugs are the softest of all natural fiber rugs, offering a sense of earthiness. Not only that, but they’re easy to clean and maintain as well. Jute rugs fit perfectly into farmhouse or coastal interior design styles as well.

Bring the Outside In

Outdoor living is a key theme of coastal and beach home decor. Utilizing natural materials like wood, jute and rattan is an easy way to achieve an inviting atmosphere without sacrificing style.

Keep the nautical theme going by hanging a large landscape or nautical painting above your mantle. Not only do these create an eye-catching focal point, but they also connect your home to the wider world and foster an appreciation of nature’s bounty.

Natural Elements

When it comes to coastal and beach home decor, natural elements are a must. These could include seashells, starfish, driftwood or other beach treasures you have collected during your vacations.

Utilizing small amounts of these items throughout your space will create a unified look and can be placed on shelves, in corners of a room or even hung from the ceiling.

Another way to bring the outdoors in is with sea glass and glass art. These wall decorations fit seamlessly with the blue palette and natural color scheme typical of coastal decorating styles.

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