Creating the Perfect Home Office for Remote Work

Contemporary remote workers don’t need to rely on traditional office spaces alone for productive and energizing workdays; an equipped home workspace can make all the difference! A well-appointed workspace at home will enable you to stay on track throughout your workday no matter where it takes place.

Unused corners under stairs, hallways and living rooms provide the ideal spot for setting up an efficient work area. Here are a few creative solutions to create the ideal home office for remote work.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomics are of paramount importance in any remote work environment, and starting off by investing in an ergonomic keyboard will create an optimal workspace that promotes productivity and well-being.

An ergonomic keyboard is designed to conform to the natural shape of human hands and wrists, offering maximum comfort to its user. Many ergonomic keyboards also come equipped with one-touch Internet access and multimedia keys for increased productivity.

The best ergonomic keyboards are also designed to facilitate a neutral wrist angle, which helps reduce stress and strain on fingers and hands. Many features domed or curved shapes with raised key wells to minimize hand extension.

Kinesis Advantage contoured keyboards feature adjustable leg angles for optimal working posture, as well as a unique split layout that enables users to select either traditional QWERTY or progressive DVORAK layouts.

Clutter-Free Desk

An organized desk allows you to focus on work more easily and can reduce stress by eliminating misplaced documents or pens. Make use of magazine holders and filing boxes to store your papers out of sight but easily accessible.

Though you may prefer an untidy work style, regularly cleaning your desk is key to improving productivity and preventing germ transmission in light of the Covid outbreak. A disorganized desk can be more difficult to keep clean and can harbor germs that spread to coworkers and family who visit you.

Good lighting in your workspace is another key consideration, as inadequate or artificial illumination can contribute to strain, fatigue and other health problems over time. Make your home office feel more inviting by investing in quality lighting fixtures as well as hanging personal photos or artwork on its walls to give it that home office feel that makes working days enjoyable!

Audio Equipment

As you work from home, audio quality can make or break productivity. To make video calls more productive and avoid distracting background noise, invest in a USB microphone to improve clarity of sound and avoid background noise. If you regularly make calls via video chat or work in audio-oriented jobs like musicians and podcasters, consider investing in something more professional like Blue Microphones UberMic which has been designed with creators in mind.

Keep a calendar or planner on hand to stay organized and on track with deadlines and appointments. Choose between physical or digital planners for hanging on your wall, or keep one handy in your desk drawer.

Utilizing a desktop cube timer or time-management app can be an excellent way to increase focus and productivity by reminding you to take breaks throughout the day and providing extra motivation to stick with your preferred routine for extended periods. Try setting a Pomodoro timer – this will encourage working in small chunks with brief rest breaks between each block of work.

Hideaway Desk

Hideaway desks can help ensure work doesn’t interrupt the flow of daily life, like this piece from TG Studio that offers desk space when necessary and transforms into an attractive console table when not required.

Another option for creating more storage and offering a stylish, seamless look is incorporating a hideaway desk into an armoire that can also double as a desk. This style can offer plenty of room while maintaining its sleek, integrated appearance.

Melissa emphasizes the importance of eliminating visual, sound and motion distractions to stay focused while working at home, but also healthy unwind when finished. Auxafor’s color-changing light indicators may be one way to do this.

Un implementing a hidden office setup is an effortless way to add functionality without overshadowing the rest of the room. This cupboard desk combines aesthetic and practicality, featuring shelves to accommodate everything necessary while working remotely.

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