Different Types of Garden Edging

Garden edging is a simple way to define the perimeter of your flower beds, shrubs, or vegetables. Generally, edging is made of wood, either a pressure-treated timber or logs. Raised beds look especially great with edging made of composite timber, logs, or straw bales. If you are not sure where to begin, you can buy a raised bed kit from a garden store or even create one yourself. You can line the perimeter of your garden with small sections of fence. Various styles and materials make it easy to match your flower bed and design.

Plastic edging can be purchased in individual panels or in long rolls. These edging materials stick out of the ground, and are typically the least expensive option. Plain black plastic edging is available at most home improvement stores. You can also opt for a thicker plastic edging for added durability. Another option for inexpensive landscape edging is rubber edging. Both of these materials look similar, but rubber is more durable and does not fade.

Bricks are another good option. Bricks can be laid flat on top of the soil or buried level with the ground. These can be stacked to form a decorative border, and they last for ages. A great feature about brick edging is that they can be rearranged to fit the rest of your garden. If you have a collection of mismatched dishes, you might want to consider using this method. Bricks can be bought relatively cheaply and can add a lot to your garden.

Corten steel is another material that looks great and is also durable. Corten steel gives off an industrial look with a warm patina that offsets greenery. This material is great for dividing pathways and borders and can be paired with irregular-shaped paving or gravel. This material is also resistant to corrosion, so you can use it to divide areas. But be careful if you have small children or bunnies in your garden.

There are many reasons to install garden edging in your garden. It helps define areas and keeps plants from invading your space. Edging also helps define areas and separate flowerbeds and landscape beds. It also creates a crisp and clean boundary between two areas. Regardless of its purpose, edging gives your garden a professional finish and keeps your flowers and grass healthy and attractive. If you want a beautiful garden, don’t forget to install garden edging.

Bamboo edging is a beautiful option, but it’s not suitable for every style. Bamboo is a great option if you want a garden with an Asian theme. Bamboo landscape edging is available at garden centers and is similar to wood edging, though the bamboo canes are placed on their ends. Bamboo edging is less noticeable, and shorter canes may even be used as garden edging.