DIY Kitchen Upgrades for a Fresh Look

No matter if you rent or own, adding some simple DIY upgrades to your kitchen can instantly increase its style and functionality. From replacing cabinet hardware, adding backsplash tiles or modernizing lighting systems – each project requires minimal skill yet can create significant visual change!

If you have the extra time and funds, try painting the cabinets or installing crown molding for an instantaneous upgrade.

Add a Tile Backsplash

Installing a brand-new backsplash is an impressive visual upgrade that can also increase the value of your home and make your kitchen appear more modern.

If a traditional tile backsplash seems out of reach for DIY enthusiasts, peel-and-stick versions make installation much simpler and there is even pre-mixed adhesive available that speeds up project completion time.

Make an impressionful statement in your kitchen, provide a simple shopping list or just have some fun by installing a DIY chalkboard! Simply prime a piece of fiberboard with primer before covering it in chalkboard paint for an economical upgrade that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

Refreshing the grout can make a dramatic visual statement in an affordable kitchen upgrade project. Most homeowners already possess tools (such as grout saw or tile cutter) needed for this simple and fast task at home. Also consider upgrading lighting by adding pendant lights over an island or switching out old fixtures with contemporary chandeliers to give your space an instant facelift!

Replace the Faucet

Change up the look of your kitchen quickly with an inexpensive DIY upgrade–replacing the faucet can dramatically transform it! Find an eye-catching fixture to complete the transformation.

Before beginning, protect the counter with plastic sheeting or towels to contain the metal dust that will come to rest on them during this project. Shut off the water supply line valves beneath your sink (Photo 1) before disconnecting any supply lines (Photo 2). For this step, a basin wrench and pair of open-end wrenches will come in handy for loosening and removing old faucets while taking photos or sketching of layout can make reassembling easier once all parts have been put back together again (Photo 3). Take pictures or sketch it before getting started – taking notes will make assembly a snap or sketch will help ensure everything back together seamlessly afterwards!

Bring color into the kitchen with new lighting fixtures over the sink. Home improvement stores carry an assortment of different shapes, sizes and styles of light fixtures that you can add for minimal cost. Convert upper cabinets into open shelving for a modern aesthetic in just a day or two! It will make a big visual impact for very little expense.

Refinish the Sink

Refinishing can provide an affordable way to revitalize and modernize the appearance of your sink, giving it new life in any space and adding an updated charm.

If you have some extra funds on hand, upgrading cabinet hardware or light fixtures is an easy and worthwhile project that can be accomplished within hours. You’ll notice immediate results.

Installing functional storage solutions into your cabinets will make finding items much simpler and save you time from searching through drawers and cupboards for what you need each time you search. Roll-out trays, lazy susans and corner pullouts make items like lids, pots, pans and silverware much simpler to locate, while door mounts, under-shelf baskets and racks offer additional ways of organizing things like utensils spices cookware etc.

Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen can create a brighter space and help you see clearly. There are various options available, from hardwired lights that connect directly to a switch on the wall, to strip or puck LED lights which plug directly in.

Before selecting the type of fixture you desire, take note of its lumen output (brightness) and color temperature. Cooler white light provides more of an aesthetically pleasing, natural appearance while warm yellow hues may give off an unwelcome dinginess.

Make sure your light fixtures are two inches shorter than the width of your cabinets for optimal results. For long cabinets, choose lighting solutions with multiple sockets connected by wire connectors to form one continuous run of lights or add extra fixtures along the way using wire connectors.

Before embarking on this project, switch off the power source that will power your new lights. Turn on all other lights and appliances in your house, including any that require additional wattage from them, to ensure that your new circuit can accommodate this extra load.

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