Mastering the Art of Home Cooking With Essential Kitchen Tools and Tips

Cooking has become an increasingly popular pastime during the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter whether you are an experienced chef or just beginning, using the right kitchen tools will make the task simpler and more enjoyable.

Opt for these essential kitchen tools instead of the novelty gadgets that only add clutter. From mixing dough to stirring a pot of stew, these versatile utensils have everything you need!

Adjustable Measuring Cups

As a home chef who bakes frequently, having an adjustable measuring cup on hand is essential for accurately measuring sticky ingredients like peanut butter and honey. These measuring cups feature an internal track with an ergonomic turning knob for effortless measurement adjustment of sticky substances such as peanut butter or honey.

This measuring cup is an ideal option for visual learners and young chefs, thanks to its geometric-inspired shapes that stack neatly and can easily be distinguished from one another. Calibrations on its side display pint, cup, ounces and milliliter measurements for ease of use.

When shopping for adjustable measuring cups, take into account your cooking space and lifestyle. Home chefs who often make large batches should consider investing in an extensive set, while those with limited storage should choose collapsible cups that can be folded flat for storage purposes.

Slotted Spoon

A slotted spoon is an indispensable kitchen tool, essential for quickly scooping up food and separating liquids from solids. Available in different sizes and materials – especially dishwasher-safe ones! – this utensil comes in handy.

No matter if it’s for serving pasta in a cafeteria or draining deep-fried items from grease, this utensil helps your foodservice operations run efficiently. With its long handle design, reaching into large cooking pots is also made simple.

Beyond its traditional purpose, this essential kitchen tool can also come in handy when creating modernist cuisine. When making caviar spheres using reverse spherification, for example, this tool comes in handy to remove them from their liquid setting solution and separating ingredients from boiling water.

Can Opener

Can openers are one of the most versatile kitchen tools, offering quick and simple operation for both thick-walled cans as well as thin ones. Furthermore, their design ensures maximum hygienic practices by cutting away every edge of their lid – leaving no sharp edges that could cut into your food during preparation or consumption.

Church key openers were first invented by US inventor Ezra Warner in 1870 and feature a single piece of twisted metal which punctures can lids before cutting open their sides to remove tops, taking care not to slip and cause jagged edges. Use with caution as this tool requires more force than you may anticipate for proper operation.

Our tester was particularly pleased to find this can opener because it features a locking mechanism that made turning and cutting simple without losing control. Plus, its lightweight and compact size made it convenient to tuck away in drawers or backpacks for camping or fishing trips.

Measuring Spoons

With the appropriate measuring spoons, measuring ingredients becomes much simpler and precise measurements can be achieved quickly and accurately. They’re useful for accurate measuring of dry ingredients like baking powder and salt as well as liquids like honey or tomato paste.

Many measuring spoons feature circular ends while others can be rectangular to fit into spice jars. Furthermore, measuring spoons come with either long handles that extend into your palm or short ones that you can grip between two fingers for easier usage.

We favor stainless-steel designs because they’re easier to keep clean in the dishwasher, plus their heat tolerance makes them suitable for sticky or liquid ingredients. Dynore’s set features several measuring sizes not typically included in basic sets (like 1/2 teaspoon). They also feature flat rims to help level ingredients more precisely.

Food Processor

Food processors make light work of chopping vegetables and cutting meats quickly and accurately, as well as kneading dough, creating citrus juice, and chopping nuts.

Sheet pans are essential kitchen tools for weeknight dinners on the run. Ideal for cooking both the main course and side dish at once, saving time and space in your oven.

A salad spinner is an easy and efficient way to ensure that lettuce stays dry when used for tacos or sandwiches, saving both paper towels and time! Plus, using one will save tons of space!

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