Why You Should Use a Plumbing Supply House

If you’re a home improvement contractor, you may have heard of a plumbing supply house. This kind of store specializes in various plumbing and HVAC supplies and is highly useful. Moreover, plumbing supply houses often offer lower prices than other stores, which is helpful for contractors. In fact, they often sell products at more than 40% off MSRP. However, such a store isn’t very practical for everyday plumbing supplies. Instead, you should consider using a plumbing supply house for most of your home improvement needs.

You can buy plumbing parts at an Ace Hardware. You can also buy accessories to upgrade your bathroom. They carry everything from new bathroom faucets to smaller accessories such as tubing, gaskets, and washers. These stores also have expert advice and installation assistance. They also offer a wide variety of plumbing supplies for both home improvement and commercial use. But, for plumbing supplies, you should check out the reputable plumbing supply houses in your neighborhood.