5 Stylish Ways to Create a Home Office in Any Space

Position your home office near a window if possible – natural lighting will help your focus while decreasing screen glare that could be distracting or harmful to your eyes.

Use wall storage units and shelves to maximize your workspace by keeping it clear from clutter. Add decorative accents such as pretty mugs, sticky notes and notebooks for an engaging work space experience.

1. Floating Desks

No matter if you work from home full-time or simply require a dedicated nook for late-night work sessions, your office must be designed for productivity. Instead of trying to cram a desk into an awkward corner or closet space, check out these stylish ideas to transform your home office.

Closed, this clever cupboard-slash-desk blends seamlessly into any room, adding a streamlined aesthetic that works beautifully with mid-century modern or Scandinavian styles.

2. Modular Units

Nooks in your home like alcoves, closet space and hallways can easily be transformed into functional workspaces using stylish decor that makes the office part of the overall design scheme of the room.

No matter if it’s a windowless walk-in closet or an unutilized corner of a larger room, keeping things feeling light and airy with transparent furniture is key to creating the illusion of more space. A lucite desk like this one helps reflect natural light to give an airy feeling in any space you designate as your workspace.

3. Shelves

No matter if it is just for one room or multiple offices in your home, shelves will help organize any home office design space quickly and effectively. Display personal knickknacks that remind you why working from home is rewarding!

Assemble a space that will enable you to focus easily. Interior designer Anita Yokota created her home office within an alcove next to a window for maximum productivity.

4. Storage Bins

Home office experts love versatile bins for storing pens, paper, glue jars and thumb drives – these wall mounted solutions make it easier to find work items when needed!

Home office design should increase productivity. Here are a few creative solutions to create an efficient work area wherever it may be located.

5. Desk Chairs

Establishing a dedicated home office space in one of the rooms you already use can increase productivity and help keep you on task. Designer Wesley Moon transformed a kitchen closet into a cozy workspace complete with decorative details and ample storage solutions.

When selecting desk chairs, select ones that reflect the style and decor of your home as well as providing ergonomic comfort. As this seat will become part of your daily work experience, choose something that inspires productivity.

6. Floating Bookshelves

Floating shelves are ideal for displaying smaller houseplants, family photos and trinkets in the home. Their floating design also creates a striking visual statement by calling attention to certain parts of a room with varied sizes or displaying bold accessories that catch the eye.

Yael Weiss Interiors’ Lucite Desk makes this small home office seem larger and brighter, while its natural Woven Basket Storage Solution adds texture and contrast.

7. Storage Bins

If you’re an at-home entrepreneur, then it is only fair that your workspace be more efficient — and stylish — than your bed or the basement nook. Here are a few creative home office ideas to get you working more effectively — and efficiently — immediately.

Simply make a few additions and you’re on your way to creating a functional home office! Keep it stylish yet practical by opting for stylish storage bins as an attractive alternative to filing cabinets.

8. Floating Shelves

Homeworking has become an essential necessity for many homeowners, yet not every room can accommodate an office. Luckily, even small corners can serve as functional workstations.

Fantastic Frank has designed this streamlined home workspace in an alcove. Equipped with a compact desk, shelves filled with trinkets, and an eye-catching pendant light. A salmon pink desk chair adds the final touch.

9. Storage Bins

Multipurpose containers can help create a home office in any space, whether that means holding pencils in an attractive mug or keeping file folders neat and organized in an eye-catching storage bin. Not only are these useful pieces of organizing gear aesthetically pleasing; but their functionality extends far beyond office use; you could easily incorporate them into a children’s playroom or kitchen as well.

An easily accessible workspace in your closet, cozy nook or hallway can make working from home possible. Use wallpaper accents to further distinguish this area of your home and set its purpose apart.

10. Floating Shelves

No matter if you work from home or just need somewhere to pay bills and organize your schedule, your workspace should reflect both comfort and design in the rest of your home. Here Emily Henderson Design adds some playful character with a playful check plaid wallpaper in this home office nook designed by them.

Create an intimate corner with an L-shaped desk and plenty of shelves to store files, notebooks and more. A Lucite desktop will reflect natural light to make the space seem larger.

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