Small Space Solutions Design Ideas For Tiny Homes

A few smart storage solutions and decluttering techniques can help turn a tiny house into an inviting and visually enhanced living space. Taking advantage of vertical space through wall-mounted shelves and pegboards can also be a game-changer.

Installing open shelving up high or a closet door that folds away is an excellent way to manage frequently misplaced items like keys, wallets, and mail. Furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as a bench seat with drawers, can be another effective solution.

Pull-Out Cabinets

Storage options are a must in any home, but especially so in tiny homes. Instead of wasting space with blank walls, install cabinets to keep your belongings organized and out of sight.

Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, so choose ones that suit your tiny home. For instance, narrow pull-out shelves are ideal for storing cans and jars in your kitchen.

Shelves can also serve as a great storage solution in the bathroom. Floating shelves that are open on both sides can be used for toiletries, including soap, shampoo and conditioner, cotton swabs and q-tips.

Adding shelving above the door or under stairs is a smart way to make use of space in a tiny house. You could even build a multipurpose bench seat that lifts up to reveal additional storage. This allows you to store longer items like brooms, ski poles and mops without taking up much needed floor space. You can also create a landing pad near the door to hold items like keys, purses and mail.

Storage Walls

Storage walls are a great way to maximize the use of space in your tiny home. This versatile design feature serves as a divider between rooms and adds an aesthetic focal point that can be used to display art or other personal items.

Install a recessed medicine cabinet in your bathroom to keep toiletries organized and out of sight. Add shower caddies and corner shelves to hold towels and other personal items. Hang a towel bar in the bath or add more hooks to hold loofas and other accessories. Make sure to include a laundry room with a mini washer and dryer in your tiny house. Add a clothes drying rack or hang a repurposed ladder or rod for extra storage.

Another great idea is to add bunk beds in a small home for kids or adults. Instead of steps, which can take up a lot of floor space, consider using a ladder to access the top bunk, which frees up more space underneath the bed for additional storage.

Loft Beds

A loft bedroom is the perfect solution for expanding sleeping space in a tiny home without sacrificing floor area. It can include everything from a single raised bed to bunk beds stacked on top of each other, and you can also add pullout desks and wardrobes to maximize storage in your kid’s small living area.

If your kids are too young for a bunk or ladder bed, you can hang a low loft bed from the ceiling that can double as a study table and closet. This simple shelving design can free up floor space that can be used for a desk, couch or other seating, and it is an easy upgrade to any small room.

Shelving can sometimes make a tiny home feel closed off, so consider mounting open shelves to the walls that can be utilized for everything from decorative objects to cookbooks and kitchen utensils. You can also fasten hooks to the beams of your tiny home, enabling you to hang items off the ground where they are less likely to get damaged or inadvertently kicked over.

Furniture That Serves Multiple Purposes

Small home storage solutions should be both functional and fashionable. For example, seating with built-in drawers and cubbies is a stylish and efficient way to keep unused items in an organized fashion. Baskets on shelves or hung from hooks in the bathroom are also great tiny home storage ideas for organizing things like hair and makeup brushes, cotton swabs, and q-tips.

Even structural beams can be used as shelving, just make sure they are properly reinforced. Installing a shelf above the laundry area is an easy way to add extra storage without sacrificing counter space.

Using wall space for storage can free up floor space and make your tiny house feel more spacious. Hanging a folding drying rack between your washer and dryer is another great way to create more workable space in the laundry room. Installing hooks on the wall near the sink or shower is a good place to store towels and robes, and won’t take up as much room in your cabinets.

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