Blending Wellness and Aesthetics

Today’s increasing interest in mindfulness has spurred many to reevaluate how they live at home. Implementing mindful home design ideas into home architecture may seem daunting at first, but doing so is actually simpler than you may imagine.

Consider all five senses when creating a mindful home. Smell is particularly essential; according to Psychology Today, familiar scents can evoke memories and bring about positive associations.

Natural Light

Finding inner calm can be challenging in today’s noisy, stressful world; adding mindfulness decor to your home is one way to create an environment which helps restore focus and clarity.

Natural light is an integral element of mindful design, adding brightness and light into a space while increasing serotonin levels – keeping us alert and productive during the day!

Make the most of natural light by opening up your windows and letting in fresh air, as this will not only bring in visual benefits, but it can also reduce stress and improve mood. Plants can help bring nature into the home as studies have proven they can relieve stress while improving health – try adding an herb garden, succulent collection or hanging ferns into your mindfulness design for added soothing natural elements in your home!

Shoji Screens

Add a few purposeful objects to your home that foster mindfulness. From exotic plants, shoji screens and chandeliers to decorative vases for holding flowers or Asian-style chandeliers that brighten dark corners – each item serves a functional or sentimental purpose and can provide positive associations.

Traditional shoji screens consist of wooden-framed lattice screens covered with translucent rice paper that diffuse light within a room while providing privacy and providing light diffusion. Nowadays, shoji can also be found as sliding doors or freestanding room dividers in modern homes.

Shoji paper is an inherently fragile material and living with it can often result in the frustration of poking holes or writing on it (and being disciplined by adults for doing so). Repairing such damage is an annual ritual; though through it all we may learn that beauty lies not only in things which appear perfect; beauty also lies within our transient moments and imperfect moments.

Minimalist Furniture

Your mindful home can focus on natural materials and sustainability, clean spaces or digital detox. Consider adding Shoji screens, rugs or other decor pieces that support these goals into the design of your space to achieve this end.

Minimalist furniture is an integral element of mindful home design as it emphasizes functionality and minimalism. This style of furniture features clean lines, neutral colors, and minimal embellishments or decoration – often inspired by Asian designs or Feng Shui principles for an elegant but also functional style.

Choose minimalist rugs with neutral patterns to keep the focus on the floor, where you’ll be practicing your meditation practice. A shoji screen could also create a private meditation space. Minimalist rugs provide an effective anchor in your mindful home design while adding warmth and coziness.

Soft Colors

As part of this mindful design trend, the emphasis is placed on creating an immersive multisensory experience within a home. Not only do visual elements contribute to this mindful decor trend; soothing scents can add another sensory layer. Select a scent that brings back fond memories – like ocean air or freshly-brewed coffee aroma – for maximum happiness and mindfulness decor effect.

Like scents can bring back fond memories, certain colors can also elicit feelings of peace and relaxation. According to one study, respondents tended to respond best when presented with blue shades that are associated with nature and serenity; alternatively, earth tones are widely perceived as soothing by many individuals.

Integrating mindful design trends into your home can create a peaceful sanctuary to escape digital beeps and insistent rings. Your sanctuary could take many forms; perhaps a room divider, meditation cushion and natural lighting make an excellent start towards relaxation at home. By selecting relaxing colors, natural materials, and pleasant scents to begin this journey to wellness at home.

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