Practical Uses For Your Home Surveillance Cameras

If you’re considering buying a home surveillance camera, there are some practical uses you can put them to. If you’re concerned about theft or vandalism, a couple of indoor wireless cameras will do the trick. These cameras stream video directly to your computer. Others have two-way audio, allowing you to speak with the person in the camera’s field of vision. These can be used to keep an eye on your young children or valuables.

If you’re planning to use multiple surveillance cameras, you’ll need to locate a central hub. The hub should be easy to reach, and should be near an internet router or attic. One DVR is usually enough to handle a system with several cameras, but you’ll want to choose one with multiple ports. The video cable will be a single cylinder with a BNC or coaxial attachment on either end.

A mid-wall mounting solution is ideal for certain applications, though it creates blind spots on either side of the camera. A 180-degree lens will distort the video, and is useless at long distances. Choose a camera with a 3.6mm lens for best results. This will give you the best wide-angle viewing and avoid any blind spots. If you plan to use the camera outdoors, opt for a camera with a longer lens and wider viewing angle.

Cloud recording is another useful option. These cameras don’t require a physical hard drive to store the video, but instead send them to a server in the cloud. Because they store videos in the cloud, you can access them anywhere you have an Internet connection, letting you keep an eye on your home even if the camera is destroyed. However, cloud storage is more expensive and relies on an excellent internet connection to keep video recordings.

Monitoring your children while you’re away is another practical use of home surveillance cameras. They can record remote control activity or energy usage, which can make a difference if you’re not at home. In addition to monitoring what is happening inside the home, you can monitor remote control activity, as well as the contents of the fridge or the refrigerator. By monitoring these activities, you can prevent theft and vandalism from occurring.

Aside from security, video recordings can help resolve disputes between family members or between employees or customers. You can also monitor the activities of pets by installing a surveillance camera. It helps you keep track of their whereabouts and weed out false claims. If your child or pet is acting out, you’ll be able to check the footage from your home to verify the activities. If your child or pet is not at home, you can also use it to monitor its activity.

Installing surveillance cameras in bedrooms and bathrooms is another practical use of these devices. Although privacy issues prevent installing surveillance cameras in these areas, the fact that some states consider it illegal to do so also means that you have to consider how you’re going to use them. When it comes to protecting your home, installing surveillance cameras in these locations is essential. But don’t overlook the practical uses of these devices.

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